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tumblr crushes stitchseamoscachalotes

all my fav things — your tumblr crushes

 · Anonymous said: your tumblr crushes Answer: Tumblr crushes? I sometimes feel like I can develop a crush on all of y''all, I just relate too much to stuff but then nah, I don''t like

jasmined // how to post tumblr crushes

I installed the "missing e" extension for Tumblr. Once you install it (and refresh your browser window), you should see all sorts of neat new features, of which posting your tumblr crushes is one. Posting a crushes post was as easy as clicking the gear next to the ...

Tumblr Crushes Tag👼💖 : deadass without the ass

 · Tumblr Crushes Tag👼💖 yoon-kooks: " Rules are simple - if you''re tagged, show off your tumblr crushes and tag your post #mytumblrcrushes and of course, you don''t have to, but why


My tumblr crushes ( ‿ ) ( ˘ ³˘) (work in progress) t3tte sacate milky-plant saevi moirecloto pretenzia s-silky-synapses disgusted 90377 auroranocte astralmuds 11x in - silvam sobbingangel ymutate rullinibrutti suiyobish childmagazine ac1dbaby vincseydoux x64 yrp2 froze n0t-enough oldscreen maria-aegyptiaca exti-nct euo fiebre

Tumblr Crushes GIFs | Tenor

With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Tumblr Crushes animated GIFs to your conversations. Share the best GIFs now >>> Tenor GIF API GIF API Documentation Unity

My Tumblr Crushes

My Tumblr Crushes Home makeyourhope: 24 April 2012 makeyourhope-deactivated2013071 Permalink Bizarro é ter menos de 18 anos e já ser obrigado a dizer "na minha época não era assim ...

RainbowDash Answers!, Tumblr crushes

Tumblr crushes Pretty inaccurate this time!.. 1. Northern Lights : She is one of my newest friends! She is sooo awesome and interesting, and a good friend i love her pictures! She

My Tumblr Crushes

My Tumblr Crushes Home Dói pensar que alguém pode ter toda a sua atenção, todos os seus beijos, seus olhares, seus carinhos e at é suas discussões amorosas. É como se eu tivesse o meu mundo invadido por um intruso. (oisousincero) Source: 1013 ...

My Tumblr Crushes

my-tumblr-crushes My Tumblr Crushes Home -without-forces: Eu tenho raiva de você. Tenho raiva porque você está me fazendo sentir tudo que eu não queria estar sentindo, mas de um modo mais forte… Está me fazendo chorar novamente e dar falsos. ...

tumblr crushes?

 · Anonymous said: tumblr crushes? Answer: frznstar got 45% of my love and flimzy got 3%. I am too lazy to print screen. But those are my two favorite blogs… as of today. :)

★ mintlark art ★, stitchseamoscachalotes replied to your...

stitchseamoscachalotes replied to your photoset:WHOA it''s giveaway time again!! I''ve hit a crazy… "the 6th of August was a wednesday, I think that u are talking about

Secret Tumblr Crushes

Secret Tumblr Crushes Do you have a crush on someone on tumblr? If you do, you can share your story here. You also have the option to be anonymous. So don''t be scared. No one would find out. Please don''t be creepy now. WE DON''T WANT TO SEE THE 2. ...

Virtual Photographer | Tumblr Crushes

 · Tumblr Crushes tumblr crushes challenge: where you post your own favourite blogs to spread positivity and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers! Rules are simple – if you''re tagged,... Current religions Kassandra, Jesse Faden, Tall Vampire Lady, Ye Zhao, and Carlos Oliveira Playing Ghost of Tsushima, Detroit: Become Human, AC Syndicate, AC Valhalla Hyped for Horizon ...


Tumblr is so easy to use that it''s hard to explain. We made it really, really simple for people to make a blog and put whatever they want on it. Stories, photos, GIFs, TV shows, links, quips, dumb jokes, smart jokes, Spotify tracks, mp3s, videos, fashion, art, deep ...

mindless adoration, Tumblr crushes?

 · Tumblr crushes? Jeez, my laptop is fucking up, so I won''t post a picture, but I would feel guilty if I wouldn''t give my tumblr crushes a shout out, so here are...

— fameONE''s tumblr "Crushes"

fameONE''s tumblr "Crushes" I follow blogs about cars, specifically, cars of the Japanese Domestic Market. Why? Because this is what I like. Cars make me happy. Driving these cars make me happy as well as seeing pictures of them. Additionally, I follow people ...

sántaróka — My tumblr crushes

 · My tumblr crushes honeydew-bruises fozworld jylljylljyll mintinjection pannaflora krucifiksz quatre-veux napsugarkezeles armageddon-tyuk My top followers jasmine7031 mikimomokarin halkanelunk pannaflora Crushes love 2015. Sep 11 Fri, 5 years ago 18 notes ...

Secret Tumblr Crushes

 · Do you have a crush on someone on tumblr? If you do, you can share your story here. You also have the option to be anonymous. So don''t be scared. No one would find out.

how to post your tumblr crushes

 · Secret Tumblr Crushes 2 notes ∞ February 13th, 2011 at 2:55 pm @jiggabooo.tumblr. Well, you might change your tumblr name again ''cause you do that quite often, haha but still.. I''ve had a small tumblr crush on your for a while now.. Your posts always seem to

My Tumblr Crushes

My Tumblr Crushes Home my tumblr will one day be famous. 14 March 1 Permalink First day school: After: 13 March 2 Permalink Se podemos sonhar, tambem podemos tornar nossos sonhos realidade. 13 March Permalink 13 March Permalink 13 March ...

My Tumblr Crushes

my-tumblr-crushes My Tumblr Crushes Home 20 June 57850 mishasteaparty Permalink Source: acrediteapenasemseussonhos 12 June 27431 when-i-m-sixty-four-blog Permalink Quando uma pessoa totalmente alheia insulta alguém que você odeia: : ...

Urban Dictionary: Tumblr Crush

When one develops a "crush" or extreme liking to someone''s Tumblr page and imagines this person would be their soulmate in real life. temporary autonomous zone, from Hakim Bey''s TAZ: Broadsheets of Ontological Anarchism. Opposite of a PAZ which is a ...

Tyrannosaurus Jess • Tumblr Crushes: oxlifeisabeachxo ...

 · Tumblr Crushes: • oxlifeisabeachxo • hannahxcharlotte • caraisasailor • -pokeball (That awkward moment when the blog that deactivated a month ago is still on your tumblr crushes…) Tyrannosaurus Jess

그리움 🍃 — tumblr crushes challenge

 · tumblr crushes challenge; where you post your own favorite blogs to spread positivity and get your amazing blogger-friends some more followers! Originally posted by chibird tagged by: @jal-hago-isseo thank you so much ^o^ i''m honored ~~ my tumblr crushes: @saucestays because tbh i don''t remember all of your urls or if you changed them ? so that was like a plan b. but i''ll try @mmulti-exe ...

Tumblr Thread Crushes Historical Inaccuracies From Medieval Times

 · Theres a good chance some of the facts you know are actually historical inaccuracies. This Tumblr thread crushes a bunch of them at once. Only a few weeks ago, I mentioned something about how women have one less rib than men do. And well…they looked at ...

tumblr crushes – Applezing Sims

My Tumblr Crushes: @simmersara (20%) @stephanine-sims (15%) @tainoodles (10%) @wrixles (5%) @simxiety (5%) @wifemomsimmer (4%) @retro-plasma (4%) @ponderingpigeonsims (3%) @ridgeport (3%) I gave your icons makeovers for April fools'', you''re

tumblr crush

tumblr crush Blog creato per lasciare dediche, pensieri o dichiarazioni alle vostre crush di tumblr. Potete scrivere qualcosa nella ask box in anonimo o senza, potete inviare un messaggio privato che di conseguenza invierò alla vostra crush senza rivelare il vostro nome (a vostra richiesta) oppure potete dedicare dei semplici messaggi di affetto alle personcine che volete bene o che volete ...

#Send me tumblr crushes <3 on Tumblr

See a recent post on Tumblr from @azkabqn about Send me tumblr crushes <3. Discover more posts about Send me tumblr crushes <3.

Mx. Crush

mx. crush mx crush nonbinary nblw nblnb nblm bisexual bi crushes romance romantic feelings are hard like now i see why people want to get married; to show that they finally found *the* person 7 …

Give me your crushes

samdyke angeltiddies. spnhatersanonymous. Anonymous asked: This is 90% joke but I said on @spnblrcrushes that albehemoth was one of them but she bloked me BUT she had the nerve to be like ''oh sorry I didn''t know I blocked you'' in the tags The LIES missy we KNOW you are trigger happy with that block button 😤 how dare.

Perdido en la Tumblrsfera

Reblogged 1 year ago from stitchseamoscachalotes (Originally from wrightedgar) 88,258 notes Source: wrightedgar rumour: *logs in to tumblr* Reblogged 2 years ago from thebootydiaries ...

Crush Goddess

Crush Goddess 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that''s what the app is perfect for. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don''t wanna Crush Goddess Posts Likes Following Archive ixbaaa Untitled Top Photos ...

Tumblr crushes?

Tumblr crushes? I''ll list them rather than doing a separate post haha: im-no-clown-i-wont-back-down at 10%, brrrianstorm at 7%, manchesterplease at 7% ...

Tumblr Crush GIFs

Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Search, discover and share your favorite Tumblr Crush GIFs. The best GIFs are on GIPHY. 13103 GIFs

crush imagines

sure, why not! Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you could write me a imagine that involves you and your crush going to the bathroom at the same time and end up hooking up in high school. Or something along those lines. I love your imagines and other stuff ️. Hope this is what you were thinking about

Secret Tumblr Crushes, ants.

 · Do you have a crush on someone on tumblr? If you do, you can share your story here. You also have the option to be anonymous. So don''t be scared. No one would find out. Please don''t be creepy now. WE DON''T WANT TO SEE THE FOLLOWING: 1. To see you